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About Us

Natraj Agro Products has appeared as a fore-runner among other key market players, owing to our remarkable quality of Corn Flakes / Maize Flakes. Our products are manufactured from the best quality of Maize sourced from various locations across the country throughout the year. We cater to the requirements of our clients on the basis of innovation in regards of Quality. Our Maize Flakes are produced in an extremely hygienic environment.

The name Natraj Agro Products is synonymous with “perfection” in Maize Flakes and Corn Greet. Since its inception, the endeavors of the company have been focused on providing the finest quality maize and allied foodstuffs worldwide at highly competitive prices and strict adherence to delivery schedule.

We have achieved unique distinctions among the other wholesalers in the field through our customer centric services. And as a result of which, we are one of the distinguished Maize flakes and corn greet suppliers in India.

Our main objective is to maintain very high quality standards and increase productivity.


We have consistently delivered high quality products because of our impeccable infrastructure. Our experienced and qualified team members manage the whole product lifecycle from sourcing the raw materials to delivering the finished products. We understand market needs and we manufacture products based on dynamic market trends.

Our quality and testing laboratory divisions have all the latest equipments and machineries.

Natraj Agro Products have spacious and well planned warehouses for the storage and stocking of raw materials and finished products. These warehouses are equipped with the latest storing facilities like climate control techniques and are free of infestation.

Quality, infrastructure and fair standards are the pillars for Natraj Agro Products.

Product Development

Natraj Agro is one of the leading manufacturer of Maize Flakes. We also supply it to well known companies with modern trade. Our domestic and international acclaim defines our success in this industry. We promise to continue the trust consumers have bestowed on us.

Developing product with great quality is a complex process - requiring rich knowledge of row products, processing techniques, packaging materials, legislation and consumer demands and preferences.

We have all of these and can bring them all together to help you make the right decisions.

  • We also have a well established product development environment and extensive pilot plant facilities, so that ideas can be evaluated from the ideas stage onwards.
  • We make sure that the products are delivered to the clients within the stipulated time frame, hence the bulk storage helps in supplying these at the earliest hour possible.
  • Further, our expert professionals ensures that no damage occurs to the products, so they use premium quality packaging material for the transit of the products.

Natraj Agro believes in understanding the lifestyles of Indian people and in maintaining sound Health, innate Nutrition and Taste through its product offering. Natraj Agro stands as a responsible firm and our culture of innovation embarks quality product to our consumers.

Products Packaging

Maize Flakes

Natraj Agro maintains a well-established and a sound warehousing & packaging unit. Our warehouse has all the necessary facilities and is equipped with

  • Effective storage
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management System

The unit has been segregated into several partitions, which helps in the safe storage of the products and later their retrieval becomes easy.

Bulk Supply

Natraj Agro manufactures product of truly high quality at economical prices under its brand "Natraj". We follow the standards of the food and beverage industry. Affordable charges and healthy food is what Natraj is known for With the full fledged production of our products from our own plants at operation, we have started to supply products to industries.

What we supply

We supply Maize Flakes in bulk Quantity to many Institution and leading Sancks Companies, Hotels and many other industries related to food. Maize Flakes have numerous use in Indian Snacks, It's very popular snack which is used by most parts of India; We can fullfill the need of any organization whether their requirement is small or few hundred kilo or may be larger than that. Apart from supplying our product to food companies in a bulk quantity, we also supplies it to both Retailers and Wholesallers as well.